Dr. Robert Whitfield

Dr. Robert Whitfield is board certified plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas who specializes in cutting-edge techniques for the breast, face, and body. His philosophy is simple: always take the time to do it the right way.

Dr. Whitfield treats every patient, whether it’s for filler or a Mommy Makeover, the exact same. His goal is to deliver the highest quality care. He wants his patients to leave the office happy with results that exceed their expectations.

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Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Whitfield recently featured in an article about BRAVE, an advocacy group helping breast cancer patients understand that they can have a beautiful, aesthetic breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

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Dr. Whitfield is proud to offer an exclusive membership club for patients looking to enjoy a wide array of non-surgical procedures.

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Special – SmartGraft Hair Restoration

Dr. Whitfield is introducing his patients to SmartGraft, a modern, minimally-invasive hair restoration device for both men and women. SmartGraft utilizes Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the newest and best way to transplant hair. No more heavy scarring from strip harvesting, SmartGraft is a well-tolerated, non-surgical procedure.

Offered is $5 for the first 1000 hair grafts.

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